The First Year

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Sparkles and Mommie


This book was written by Sparkles (the cat) with Mommie’s help.  All ideas and entries are from the mind of Sparkles.  Side commentary is by Mommie.

When Mommie talks or has her ideas they will be in italics.  Everything else is MINE!


It was a regular Tuesday at the Pound.  I heard Mommie tell the caretaker she wanted an adult female cat that purred.  She walked right past me.  Luckily for me there were only two such animals in the shelter and neither of the cats measured up to her purring standards.  On her way out Mommie glanced at me and stuck her little finger into the cage – I guess to tease me or something.  That’s when I went into my LOUD purring mode. 

“Love at first sight.”   Mommie reached in and held me to be sure the purring didn’t stop.  I could have pur-r-r-r-ed forever if it meant getting out of that prison.  Mommie told the caretaker she wanted a cat today and if I were available she wanted ME.  Just think, someone really wanted me!  I guess she didn’t care that I was only five months old and male.  She just wanted a cat TODAY. 

In the office when Mommie was filling out the papers, she asked if I had a name.  Of course I had a name, I just didn’t know what it was.  Mommie took another look at me as I scurried under the desks looking for something, anything, to go for a run away from the cage.  Mommie told the caretaker about someone called Woffier* and then she said I brought a sparkle to her eyes, so she called me Sparkles which sounded good to me.

*Woffier was Mommie’s beloved 11-year old German Shepherd who died six weeks earlier.  Mommie was really sad about that.


(From when I was a baby)  


Every morning when Mommie gets up she goes in the bathroom and does what she calls, “putting my eyes in.” Then at night she takes them out again. Around the house she wears these big hunkie looking things in front of her eyes.

It gives me what Mommie calls “the willies” when she does this. I try to imagine what that must be like. I am glad I have very good eye sight because I can’t believe I would ever do something like that – poking my eyes every morning and night. (Shiver, shiver)

It is not a pretty sight when she drops one. She goes what I would call berserk. She rants and raves until she finds it. She has to put on the glasses she uses at night to look for them. You know those little glass eyes (contacts) are really tiny. Fortunately she has only done that twice since I have been here. The first time she grabbed me and then looked me over to make sure I didn’t have it hidden on me somewhere. The second time she more or less ignored me because she thought she knew where they landed. They turned out to be at least two feet away in the bath tub.

Mommie has two pair – one with green eyes and one with blue eyes. I like the green eyed Mommie.


Today when we were in the park, I was minding my own business – well trying to. On the playground part I saw this boy with a toy that was flying in the air. Mommie pointed it out and said it was a kite. She also said – “watch what you are doing because the strings in a kite can get nasty.”

How did she know? After a while I couldn’t stand it any more and I just HAD to go see that kite up closer. The little boy hanging onto the kite wasn’t more than six years old. His hand holding the kite’s string was close enough to the ground so that I could jump up and get the end of it.

Just as I was jumping the little boy panicked and let go of the kite. I was fortunate (?) enough to grab the end of the string and hang on. Pretty soon the wind let up and the kite started falling to the ground. The closer to the ground it got, the more string was winding around my left front paw.

I was in a jam. The little boy stood shaking beside his daddy because he was afraid of me. I was shaking because the string was getting closer to my neck. I did my best YOWLing and Mommie came running. She untangled me and began unknotting the kite string so the little boy could have his kite back

Mommie did her usual “I told you so” speech as she carried me back to the cat mommie bench. It took at least five minutes for my heartbeat to get back to normal.

Oct. 9, 2014
THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: The inspiration for this book and this site is noted on page two of this site.
Oct. 9, 2014
THE END "Almost"
As you may have guessed by now, there are almost 365 entries -- where has that year gone. Sparkles is still being Sparkles and he gets into lots of trouble even as a "grown up" cat. But, mostly he has matured and manages to stay out of trouble most of the time.

In regard to this, Sparkles has taken a look at his life and has decided he needs to pray every day. (In his case maybe several times a day.) Mommie is recording his prayers as "Devotions with Sparkles" and this site will continue to be here with his prayers.

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Dizzy Jean | Reply 25.07.2014 11.14

Sparkles, are you a trivia buff or a philosopher? You ask some of the most unusual questions most people wouldn't even think about. My question: why is that?

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25.07 | 11:14

Sparkles, are you a trivia buff or a philosopher? You ask some of the most unusual questions most people wouldn't even think about. My question: why is that?

27.10 | 10:52

Mommie says to go to wloltigerlolw2 on YouTube to see a video of cats getting baths. I thought it was funny because I wasn't the one getting the bath. Ha ha.

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