The First Year

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Sparkles and Mommie


This book was written by Sparkles (the cat) with Mommie’s help.  All ideas and entries are from the mind of Sparkles.  Side commentary is by Mommie.

When Mommie talks or has her ideas they will be in italics.  Everything else is MINE!


It was a regular Tuesday at the Pound.  I heard Mommie tell the caretaker she wanted an adult female cat that purred.  She walked right past me.  Luckily for me there were only two such animals in the shelter and neither of the cats measured up to her purring standards.  On her way out Mommie glanced at me and stuck her little finger into the cage – I guess to tease me or something.  That’s when I went into my LOUD purring mode. 

“Love at first sight.”   Mommie reached in and held me to be sure the purring didn’t stop.  I could have pur-r-r-r-ed forever if it meant getting out of that prison.  Mommie told the caretaker she wanted a cat today and if I were available she wanted ME.  Just think, someone really wanted me!  I guess she didn’t care that I was only five months old and male.  She just wanted a cat TODAY. 

In the office when Mommie was filling out the papers, she asked if I had a name.  Of course I had a name, I just didn’t know what it was.  Mommie took another look at me as I scurried under the desks looking for something, anything, to go for a run away from the cage.  Mommie told the caretaker about someone called Woffier* and then she said I brought a sparkle to her eyes, so she called me Sparkles which sounded good to me.

*Woffier was Mommie’s beloved 11-year old German Shepherd who died six weeks earlier.  Mommie was really sad about that.


The City Parks Department was really thinking ahead when it designated the east side of the park for dogs and the west side for cats.  The pool was centered in the middle.  On the north side of the pool was the picnic tables and grills and the south side had the playgrounds and sand boxes.

Theoretically the cats and dogs would be separated by the pool, playground and picnic tables.  As everyone knows cats are hard to confine outdoors.  So one day I wandered over to the dog side.  Sparky was there along with a St. Bernard, a German Shepherd, a miniature poodle, and two regular size poodles.  Sparky came to greet me.

Of course, one of the big poodles came with him.  Everyone had always thought that poodles were gentle.  Guess what.  They aren’t.  That poodle started yapping at me.  Then all of a sudden, something must have spurred him (Sparky?) because he began to growl as he chased me.

I ran as fast as I could through the picnic area heading to the cat side.  I almost made it before I realized I had to climb a tree ASAP.  He was literally at my heels.  That blasted dog kept growling and showing his teeth.  I was afraid that Mommie couldn’t hear my MEOW, MEOW, MEOW. 

I was afraid to look down and I was beginning to lose my grip on the tree when I heard Mommie chase that dog away.  It seems she is always rescuing me.  Again, she didn’t scold or say bad words.  She just held me till my heart rate slowed down to normal.  I think she is so used to rescuing me that she probably thinks it is a waste of words to scold.  She did have her “I told you so” face on though.


The cat mommies were in the park sort of watching the cats.  Most of us were behaving ourselves.  Well, of course, except for me and the Siamese cat.  We were a strange duo.  I was fit and muscle bound and he was skinny and sort of wimpy looking.

Sammy (the Siamese cat) and I were really close to the playground area.  We seemed to be the only cats that stretched the cat play area boundaries.  I guess we liked to live on the edge.

There were three teams of two almost-teen boys having a water gun fight.  The boys closest to the hydrant seemed to be winning.   Sammy and I strutted across the edge of the playground as if we knew where we were going. 

Not so smart of an idea.  All at once the two boys who were losing the fight turned their water guns on us.  They thought it was hilarious.  Sammy and I had a different opinion and we ran like the scared cats we were. 

Unfortunately, for the boys they stepped over the line to the cat area and continued to spray us with very cold water.  Poor little Melanie was in the way and she got drenched too.  Melanie’s mommie and the other cat mommies ganged up on the boys and told them in no uncertain terms to quit squirting their guns in the cat area.

They turned around and went.  I heard one of the boys snicker when he said he had such a good time gunning down that silly looking, muscle-bound cat – meaning me.  Some day!  He better watch out!

Mar. 28, 2014
Just to clear up things: Mommie is my people mommie and Momma is my cat mommie (biological).
Jan. 15, 2014
Sparkles is going to meet new friends. The first one is Ramos, the goat. Later you will meet, the "goat lady", Ramos' people mommie. The goat lady is raising her granddaughter, Lakisha. Sparkles will have lots of fun with his new friends.
Mar. 28, 2014
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Cousin Kittie | Reply 19.04.2014 13.56

You're welcome, Cousin Sparkles. I really do like it when my Mommie uses a comb to brush me. Glad it works for you too. Love Kittie.

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19.04 | 13:56

You're welcome, Cousin Sparkles. I really do like it when my Mommie uses a comb to brush me. Glad it works for you too. Love Kittie.

27.10 | 10:52

Mommie says to go to wloltigerlolw2 on YouTube to see a video of cats getting baths. I thought it was funny because I wasn't the one getting the bath. Ha ha.

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