The First Year

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Sparkles and Mommie


This book was written by Sparkles (the cat) with Mommie’s help.  All ideas and entries are from the mind of Sparkles.  Side commentary is by Mommie.

When Mommie talks or has her ideas they will be in italics.  Everything else is MINE!


It was a regular Tuesday at the Pound.  I heard Mommie tell the caretaker she wanted an adult female cat that purred.  She walked right past me.  Luckily for me there were only two such animals in the shelter and neither of the cats measured up to her purring standards.  On her way out Mommie glanced at me and stuck her little finger into the cage – I guess to tease me or something.  That’s when I went into my LOUD purring mode. 

“Love at first sight.”   Mommie reached in and held me to be sure the purring didn’t stop.  I could have pur-r-r-r-ed forever if it meant getting out of that prison.  Mommie told the caretaker she wanted a cat today and if I were available she wanted ME.  Just think, someone really wanted me!  I guess she didn’t care that I was only five months old and male.  She just wanted a cat TODAY. 

In the office when Mommie was filling out the papers, she asked if I had a name.  Of course I had a name, I just didn’t know what it was.  Mommie took another look at me as I scurried under the desks looking for something, anything, to go for a run away from the cage.  Mommie told the caretaker about someone called Woffier* and then she said I brought a sparkle to her eyes, so she called me Sparkles which sounded good to me.

*Woffier was Mommie’s beloved 11-year old German Shepherd who died six weeks earlier.  Mommie was really sad about that.


Last Saturday before we left for our Easter vacation we went to the annual Easter Parade downtown.  Everyone was invited to enter a float or at least come to watch the parade.

Ramos’ people mommie entered a homemade float.  She made a wooden platform which she attached to the top of her garden wagon.  With a small chain fastened to the wagon and tied to the riding mower she was able to pull the float.

On top of the float she had made a small white picket fence which outlined the floor of the float.  She put straw on the floor and she “planted” artificial flowers in each corner.  It actually looked cute. 

Ramos and two of his little sisters were put on the float.  His mommie borrowed a couple hens from one of the neighbors.  Then she asked Mommie if I could go along for the ride.  YIPEE!!  Ramos’ mommie doesn’t know it but Ramos and I have worked out a “routine” to wow the spectators. 

Our routine is this:  As Ramos walks around the floor I jump on and off his back.  For a while I just ride contentedly on his back.  In the yard this worked out perfectly.  However, when being pulled by a lawn mower over streets that aren’t exactly smooth, it didn’t work too well.

Our routine went pretty good until the parade hit the brick street.  As Ramos was walking, he tripped a little and I missed his back and went over the fence out into the street.  Since the float was going pretty slow I thought I would be able to catch up with the float and get back on. 

WRONG.  Someone in the crowd picked me up and looked to see if I was hurt.  I wasn’t.  I just wanted to get back on the float.

It took Mommie two hours to find me because she wasn’t right at the point where I fell off.  Someone turned me in to the parade promoters.  Finally Mommie heard the announcement over the loud speaker about a “cute gray and black tabby, probably about a year old that fell off a float.”  Mommie ran to collect me at the parade office.

Ramos’s float won 2nd place.  It got special recognition for originality – especially the Goat / Cat exhibition.

Boy, was I tired that night.  Cute, huh? 


Last night Mommie was making brownies for the church supper tonight.  She opened the oven door to check if they were done yet by sticking a toothpick into the baked dough.

Not done yet.  Yippee!!  Some of the batter stuck to the toothpick.   When Mommie left the room I jumped onto the counter and licked the brownie toothpick. Yum yum.

Mommie forgot that she had used the toothpick before -- and she didn't know I had licked it -- so she used the same one again.

It's OK, I don't have very many germs.

Mar. 28, 2014
Just to clear up things: Mommie is my people mommie and Momma is my cat mommie (biological).
Jan. 15, 2014
Sparkles is going to meet new friends. The first one is Ramos, the goat. Later you will meet, the "goat lady", Ramos' people mommie. The goat lady is raising her granddaughter, Lakisha. Sparkles will have lots of fun with his new friends.
Mar. 28, 2014
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Betty C. | Reply 04.04.2014 12.50

I used to have a cheap boss make me reuse my calculator tape by rolling it backwards so the empty side was on top. Then I had to re-feed it into my calculator.

Becky W. | Reply 24.03.2014 19.23

Sparkles - you're still at it - getting into trouble. Mommie is sure patient with you. You better listen to Mommie from now on.

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04.04 | 12:50

I used to have a cheap boss make me reuse my calculator tape by rolling it backwards so the empty side was on top. Then I had to re-feed it into my calculator.

24.03 | 19:23

Sparkles - you're still at it - getting into trouble. Mommie is sure patient with you. You better listen to Mommie from now on.

27.10 | 10:52

Mommie says to go to wloltigerlolw2 on YouTube to see a video of cats getting baths. I thought it was funny because I wasn't the one getting the bath. Ha ha.

25.03 | 07:50
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